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The site hosts all of the Georg Eckert Institute’s open access publications. We have also compiled an academic online repository of textbook-focused educational media research, where open access material published by other institutions is available as well. Follow the links below to the series pages in our DSpace-Repository, where all texts can be accessed in full.

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Series from the Georg Eckert Institute

Eckert. Beiträge – The series ‘Eckert. Beiträge’ presents high-level findings from studies in educational media research following a double-blind peer review process. Publications include articles, longer monographs and literature reviews. While the series is open to work in all areas, it places special emphasis on studies in the humanities or social sciences. ‘Eckert. Beiträge’ are peer reviewed and appear online only (gold open access).

Eckert. Dossiers – The series ‘Eckert. Working Papers’ consists of edited volumes, among them proceedings from conferences on educational media research. In addition, the series provides a forum to publish working papers and research reports quickly while maintaining editorial quality control. ‘Eckert. Dossiers’ appear online only (gold open access).

Eckert. Die Schriftenreihe – The Georg Eckert Institute’s book series presents research findings on educational media in their sociocultural contexts through a systematic, historical, comparative perspective. It concentrates particularly on patterns of memory, models for identification and interpretive codes that are construed, conveyed or reinforced through educational media, as well as on tensions, conflicts, and differences in perception that these media reflect or inflame. ‘Eckert. Die Schriftenreihe’ is peer reviewed and supported by an academic advisory council. The volumes also appear in print through a cooperation with the academic publisher Vandenhoek and Ruprecht. 'Eckert. Die Schriftenreihe' is peer reviewed

Eckert. Expertise – The academic work of the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research is in large part geared toward its practical application. The series ‘Eckert. Expertise’ provides a forum for the presentation, documentation and discussion of important research findings that, while drawing on scholarship, also address representatives of (educational) politics, pedagogical practice and the broader interested public. This format can be best described as revolving around the principles of topicality, research orientation and connection to practice. The volumes also appear in print through a cooperation with the academic publisher Vandenhoek and Ruprecht.

The Journal of Educational Media, Memory and Society (JEMMS) – The Journal of Educational Media, Memory and Society (JEMMS) analyses perceptions of society constituted and conveyed through learning processes and educational media. The publication focuses on various types of ‘texts’ (such as textbooks, museums, memorial sites, films) and their institutional, political, social, economic, and cultural contexts. Of particular interest are the construction of collective memories, conceptions of space, the production of knowledge, image formation, and images of the Self and the Other, as well as processes of identity building based on ethnicity, nationality, region, religion, institution, and gender. Special importance is given to the role of educational media for social cohesion and conflict.
After a period of two years, JEMMS articles are available for download in their post–peer review, pre–copy edit form via Edumeres.
The final printed version can be found on the website of the publisher, Berghahn Journals.

Further Publications – Here you will find articles from discontinued GEI series, as well as studies by the Institute not published as part of specific series.

Academic Repository for Textbook-Focused Educational Media Research

Repository – This link connects to our academic repository. Here you will find open access academic publications in the area of educational media research. We compile texts related to this topic and make them available for download free of charge.